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Atlantis Eclectics

The Atlantis series pairs cool cobalt with water hues of aqua and turquoise. The triangle disk bead is 5-6mm by 23mm and the aqua raised bubble disk is 5mm by 20mm. The lapis polka dot disk is 5mm by 17mm, The encased floral bead is approximately 13mm by 17.5mm while the encased triangle bead and lapis and turquoise striped beads are approximately 10-11mm by 17mm.  The hollow bead is 12mm by 15mm.

Included in this set is a pair of twisted stripe beads that measure 9mm by 13mm and the cobalt spacer pair is 7mm by 11mm.

Created using 1/16 mandrels and carefully annealed in a computer-controlled kiln.

Price shown is for a set of 12 beads.


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